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Colombia Project


位置: Barranquilla


時間: 11/2011-12/2011

專案名稱: Camp Facilities


This project in 2011 was to build the facilitjes for a refinery camp far our Colombia partner to accommodate over 100 persons with hundreds of flatpack units supplied.


There were 10', 20' and 24' units variedly functioned as offices. accommodations. sanitary units, mess & kitchen. in the modular space industry, the mobile units can be applied for mining and oil fields. military use and municipal areas.



In this project, the main insulation material used is mineral wool, and the wall panels of the units were 100mm thick. All the electrical components were certificated with UL, and some of the main ones were internationally certificated. All the doors and windows adopted were from quality brands across China.


Here we could see that there were some new ideas about modular building : the materials of our flatpack package such as the iron sheets have been utilized and made into book shelves, folders and desk partitions, which was simple but practical and exceptional.


We could also find that the internal layout of these units were really flexible as the client was able to partition the certain space they want just using some screen partition panels.


in addition, the doorsteps and overroofs in this project are another two points worthwhile to mention. Generally speaking, our units should be raised up 30 t0 50mm from the ground on factory site. in which the door steps are not necessary; however, when it comes to muddy grounds in rainy areas, water proofing should be considered into prefabrication, and doorsteps seem obviously important if the units are raised high as they are the entrances into the units. And the overroofs are really helpful for units used in the rainy areas as they can discharge the rainwater effectively and protect the units' roof well.




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