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Bank Project


位置: Port Moresby PNG

專案規模: 1080 m2 in area over roof

時間: 2012/08-2013/03

專案名稱: Banks Project


The largest Bank in Papua New Guinea and the South Pacific, is an iconic bank in Papua New Guinea and the Pacific and is also recognized for its commitment to the region and its Melanesian uniqueness.

In order to spread their branches offices and increase their sites in PNG, decided to build more site offices in the remote areas to help their clients. Ark module cabins had become an ideal option for such a project full of difficulties and challenges.

Due to the rains and hot sunshine in PNG areas, strict roofing system had also been designed over the top of the Ark units. And multiple Ark units had been combined to form larger spaces, with flexible partitioned rooms, such as the counter rooms and waiting rooms.

Bank units had been divided into different groups and allocated to different sites across PNG near Port Moresby so that can facilitate their business developments in some remote areas in PNG.

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