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Lagos Office Building Project


位置: Lagos,Nigeria

專案規模: 1305 m2 in area over roof

時間: 2012/07-2012/09

專案名稱: Lagos Office Building


Ark delivered 87 modular cabins onto the snake island for office usage for a West Africa’s leading Industrial Corporation focused on Oil & Gas construction and major marine services including offshore and pressure vessel fabrication, ship building and repair, industrial training and specialized Oil & Gas and Maritime support, accommodating about 240 people for administrations. The building was designed into a 3-storey structure, with passage corridors in front of the building for each level and passage staircases on both ends of the building, all of which were steel structures.

On the first level were the offices for the workers groups; the second level for junior managers and the third level for senior managers. There were bathrooms on each level in the middle of the building; and besides the external 3-level staircases on the ends, there were also internal 3-level staircases around the bathroom in the middle of the building.

Above all, the layout of the 3-level office building is very flexible for usage. And it explicitly presented that Ark container houses can be combined flexibly and stacked onto multiple levels.


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