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Siberia Project


位置: Siberia, Russia


時間: 06/2011-07/2011

專案名稱: Drilling Camp Accommodations


This client in Russia of Ark has been doing business with oil enterprises all over the world, like BP, EXXON. Shell, Chevron etc.; and they has many other contracts in North Siberia, this project is one of these contracts for drilling oil wells for BP.



This project on this oilfield is to accommodate 78 persons on camp that work daily (24/7) In hard weather conditions(-500C).

There were 80 Ark units supplied in total, including sleeping units, sanitary units, public office areas, senior areas, coffee rooms, board room and so on. And the building Is a two-story block with both side external staircases and internal staircases; in addition, the block Is overroofed With steel tiles and trusses.



We were reflected by the client that the Ark modular units are sustainable and environment-friendly to use; what's more important, the quality and responsibility were recognized by our workers' constant service and coordination between us. We've sent around 2 groups of workers over to assist the installations of the units.



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