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SHARK Trailers for Mobile Clinics


位置: Bangladesh

專案規模: 300 m2 in area over roof

時間: 2015/04

專案名稱: SHARK Trailers for Mobile Clinics


Ark has wrapped up 20 container trailers for mobile clinics to be sent to Bangladesh.

The SHARK modules used for the trailers are standard 20 ft container conversions, consisted of 60mm thick composite panels over the ceiling and onto the walls as the insulation layers with electrical cabling preset and coming out of the electrical points holes on the panels, fiber cement boards and vinyl flooring as floor finish.

On one end of the module, there are external sockets for power supplying and transmitting; on the other end of the module where is the container shipping doors, a equipment room is partitioned for generator etc.

Inside each clinic room are equipped with writing desk & chair, mobile trolley, overhang cabinet, water storage tank, wash basin and mirror, solar panels and AC units.

In addition, there are entrance steps for each clinic room so that people can come in and go out of the clinics on the trucks/trailers in a height.

After one mission the clinic trailers can be driven to another easily with just closing up the doors of the modules.

It’s the first time for Ark to deal with container modules onto trucks/trailers. We believe this job is a milestone for our development. We’ve got good news that the client is happy about the status of these clinics trailers after the inspection last week and will place subsequent orders later on.

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