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Mauritania Project


位置: Mauritania

專案規模: 1125 m2 in area over roof

時間: 2012/06-2012/07

專案名稱: Mauritania Office Building


Ark provided 50 x 30’ flatpack cabins for her strategic partner in Mauritania the sub-Sahara desert area as office complex, which were two twin blocks.

In each office complex, the office rooms were partitioned on two sides with the corridor in the middle.

There were 7 x Two Persons Office rooms, 1 x Three Persons Office room, 10 x One Person Office rooms, 1 x Conference Room (accommodating 20 persons), 3 x Manager Office rooms, 1 x Director Office room, 1 x Secretary Office room, 1 x Document Control Office room, 1 x Engineering Office room, 1 x Kitchen/Coffee room, 1 x sanitary room and the reception area. On both ends were entrance doors.

All roofs, floors, corner posts, wall panels, partition panels, trims and sanitary wares had been packed together in the containers and transported onto the desert land.

After two months struggling with the sand storm weather, the two office complex had been put into operations so that the mining workers there have a proper place to stay in and to work.


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