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ADP Project


位置: Astana,Kazakhstan

專案規模: 150 m2 in area over roof

時間: 2014/02-2014/03

專案名稱: Abu Dhabi Plaza Project


Abu Dhabi Plaza is a development under construction in Astana, Kazakhstan, consisting of office, residential, and shopping space and a hotel. If completed, the project will have many towers reaching different heights, the tallest reaching a height of 320m with 75 floors and will be the tallest building in Central Asia.


As a strategic partner of the main contractor, Ark has joined this ADP project with delivering modular cabins for the main contractor’s site office and HSE training center, characterized with extremely coldness resistance insulation system on roof, floor and wall panels.


The HSE training center consisted of 3 classrooms, 3 teachers’ offices, 1 security room, 2 sanitary rooms and 1 equipment room and the corridor is partionally in the middle. And all plumbing and heating system was operating internally in the building on the walls.

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