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GML Modified Container


位置: Alberta, Canada

專案規模: 648 m2 in area over roof

時間: 2012/05-2012/08

專案名稱: Mining Modules Project


Working with Globe Modular Limited for William Scotsman one of the Algeco companies, Ark had supplied two groups of the modified modules for William Scotsman’s mining modules on top of skids for the area in Alberta, Canada. There were 19 specialized containers provided in total, including 12 x 6 man sleepers units, 4 x Mine Dry units and 3 Lunch Room units.

All modules had been insulated with PU foam surroundingly at first, after which fire proof plasterboards laminated with proper wall papers had been leveled on; on the floor HVAC ducts and plumbing pipes were laid down and the floor boards were sitting on a raised up level; then these 18 meters long containers had been divided into 6 studding rooms with another mechanical room in the middle. After all, rooms were furnished and trimmed properly.

All materials and accessories were in accordance with CSA standards.

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