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OBC ( Operations Base Camp ) Project


位置: Parassaya, Ballela, Sudan

專案規模: 3840 m2 in area over roof

時間: 2013/04-2013/12



OBC is part of the EPCC for Facilities Package for Star Oil Storage Tank project in the southern Sudan area, generally contracted by RAM Energy and subcontracted by Ark on the installations and commissioning of all the prefab buildings and associated services. Star Oil wanted to build an OBC camp near her oil tank in Parassaya, aiming to provide full camping services for her staff on site permanently.

With all foundations ready for the buildings, and all prefab buildings with accessories packed inside arrived on site, Ark team started the erections since April 2013. Besides the local issues causing sometimes delay, the installations team also needed to struggle with the harsh heating weather there. All buildings’ erections and connections had been finished within one month, after which each and every associated services and system were commenced. Till December 2013, all associated systems, interior finishing and commissioning have been handed over to the client.

OBC is consisted of Single Accommodation Block, Double Accommodation Block, VIP Accommodation Block, Administration Block, MOSQUE Building, Sanitary Building, Kitchen & Mess Building, Recreation Block, Laundry Units, Clinic Building and Guard House etc., 14 blocks, 256 Ark flatpack units in total. Besides, Ark had also provided the pre-engineered steel structures, including Substation Building, High Voltage Tower, Workshop Shelter, Warehouse Shelter, Parking Shelter and Guard Towers.

Each building is incorporated with pitch roofing system, secondary level general power panel, MATV, PAGA, Telephone System, Structural Cabling System and Fire Alarm System. All buildings’ secondary level power panels were connected to OBC’s substation, high voltage power supplied from the municipal lines. And all the five low current systems were controlled in a control room in Administration Building, with proper man-hole cabling from building to building.

For all accommodation buildings, furniture such as beds, desks, chairs, TV sets and writing lamps had been furnished as per the plans; in addition, there were sanitary fixtures including water heaters applied for each room. For the Administration building, conference tables, writing desks, office cabinets etc. were furnished in accordance with offices’ layout. For the Kitchen & Mess Building, a whole set of Kitchen equipments and dining accessories were input. GYM equipments and clinic equipments had also been applied for relevant buildings.

The client told Ark’s project manager on site that OBC would be the most luxurious camp for a petroleum site like in Parassaya.

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