Outward Bound
“Take off the suit and put on the sportswear “On October 22nd and 23rd, all the ARK staff went for an outward bound training.

Refer to Wikipedia, Outward Bound's founding mission was to give young seamen the ability to survive harsh conditions at sea by teaching confidence, tenacity, perseverance and to build experience of harsh conditions. By this training, we worked at building up a team, self-confidence, perseverance and friendship. And also in this relaxing picture-like lake resort, we did strip of the exhaust and indulged ourselves in the screams and laughter. And of course, we got wasted in the party.

The whole training was conducted under the guide of our professional instructor and mainly divided into four categories which intend to dig our interpersonal skills, mutual trust, team spirit and leadership skills.

“GO, GO, GO” , “ YOU CAN DO IT”,  “ YOU ARE THE BEST” , “ WE BELIEVE IN YOU”, “TRUST ME”… Words like this could be heard all the time. When somebody fell down, he or she gave him a hand to pull him up; when somebody stuck on the half way to the top of the step, the rest will all encourage her to conquer her fear of height; When there is a huge mission, there is always someone planning and dispatching tasks to others.

In the very short two days, from co-workers, we became very close friends. We believe this is just a beginning of the ARK team bonding. We could band together to overcome any difficulties we may encounter in the future to make ARK bloom.