Twin cool buildings for KOMO
By far there have been nearly 500 ARK units used for EXXON'S PNG LNG Project on KOMO site.
The single level 84-unit Office Area has been being trimmed out in last two weeks with the huge over roofs on. Even though there were frequent internal partition plan changes, our builders on site are still quick on the missions, mainly due to ARK units' flexible structure. It is said that Exxon wants to the Contractor to build another single office block which will be Exxon's own office area next to this Office area. In addition, the 10-unit Training Rooms, situated on the left side of the Office Area, is being tested.
The twin Cool Rooms, located behind the Main Kitchen/Mess area, are running into operations and look shinny within the whole camp.
By the way, our builders on site are up to the last Workers Block(Workers Block E), which has been only finished with the first level units and the stairways.
In the supervisors' words, there will be another 2 recreation blocks and 2 Senior Blocks(one single-level & one double-level) to be built.