Ark Prefab has passed through EN1090 certification!


China,Shanghai----Ark Prefab has passed through EN1090 certification.

Is it the first step to enter European Union’s market?


In order to pass through EN1090 certification ,ARK spent more than 2 months on doing these things: Material certification of analysis,,staff training,testing and qualification, equipment calibration, consumable certification and control, quality control and testing of product, control of records and documents, including control off issue, product identification and marking, internal audit, control of non conforming product. 
EN1090 is theHarmonisedEuropean standard covering fabricated structural steelwork. It comprises three parts:EN 1090-1:CE Marking-details the requirements for assessing and verifying product or service conformity; EN 1090-2:Details the technical requirements in the manufacture and assembly of steel structures; EN 1090-3:Details the technical requirements in the manufacture assembly of aluminum structures.
In addition,ARK is the first company that passed through the EN1090 certification in Far East,which means steel structures welding process,materials and Factory Production Control(FPC) meet the lowest requirements of European Union’s standard, and all the steel structures will be pasted CE marking. ARK will formally enter the European Union’s market.It can enhance company’s core competitive power.
Therefore,there is no doubt that ARK passed through EN1090 certification is the first step to enter European Union’s market. Because of 20% cheaper than other European container houses,we believed that ARK will have good market in EU in the foreseeable future.
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